Speed Cleaning To Save Time

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We all know the feeling of coming home from a long day of work and being totally overwhelmed with the mess that has accumulated in just a few hours. It seems impossible to clean it all up, and you may feel like giving up before you even start.

But don’t worry, speed cleaning can help! In this article, I will share 8 steps for speed cleaning your house that will help you get through all of your tasks quickly without sacrificing quality or effectiveness.

You can customize these methods based on what works best for you!

Speed Cleaning To Save Time

What is Speed Cleaning?

If you have heard the term speed cleaning, you may wonder what does that mean? Like cleaning takes so much time! It can seem like my home is dirty as soon as I clean it, like a never-ending cycle.

So, when I had first heard of this thing called “speed cleaning”, I was definitely interested in learning more. If you are new to Cleverly Productive, you will quickly learn that I LOVE looking for simple ways to save time and get more done. I don’t want to waste half of a day cleaning my house or cooking for two hours every night. We have things to do and I would rather devote my energy and time to more important tasks than the everyday ones.

Here is where Speed Cleaning comes in, so what does it mean? Speed cleaning generally means to find a way to quickly and efficiently clean a room or the entire house by using various tips and tricks to get it done faster.

Depending on the size of the room or the house, you could set up a speed cleaning process that could take you 5-15 minutes to clean a room or maybe 30 minutes to 2 hours to clean the entire house.

Think of the time that you could save if you only needed to spend 1 or 2 hours each week cleaning!! Let’s look into the steps you can take to set up this easy speed cleaning process.

General Guidelines for Speed Cleaning

Here I just want to go over some general guidelines that I have found useful in speed cleaning and some of my favorite cleaners and tools to make the process as efficient as possible.


  • Speed cleaning isn’t meant to make your home perfectly clean. It is meant to be a general straightening up and cleaning of messes on a regular basis. Most people plan periodic deep cleans in addition to speed cleaning more often.
  • You can speed clean one room at a time or choose one step and do those items in all of the rooms before moving onto the next step. The choice is yours based on your preference and how many rooms you are cleaning at a time.
  • My speed cleaning technique includes using a timer with a cleaning time goal. You will have to figure out what time goals work best for you based on the amount of cleaning and size of rooms for your home. Feel free to experiment, and if you need more or less time, adjust for the next speed clean day.
  • Better tools make the work easier and faster! Invest a few bucks into cleaners that work with multiple surfaces or a mop that does dry and wet cleaning in one. Check out the section on my favorite tools below to see what I have found to save me time.
  • Air fresheners are a great finisher to speed cleaning! Having a nice, gentle fragrance in the air can make a room seem cleaner than it really is.

My favorite cleaners and tools

Here are some of my favorite cleaners and tools that I use to speed clean with. I found these to save me the most time and work without costing me a ton of money.

  • Cleaning Caddy to keep all of your cleaners and supplies with you as you go around the room and house.
  • Swiffer dusters (and with an extending handle) are great for dusting electronics, fans, bookshelves, light fixtures and more. Each duster holds a lot of dust and allergens so they don’t need to be replaced very often.
  • Swiffer Wet Jet to clean hardfloors and even hardwood floors with one tool. The solution and pads are often on sale in stores and this replaces having to use multiple cleaners for different floors in your home.
  • Toilet Cleaning Stamps are a great way to keep your toilets cleaner for longer, saving you time each week. Just stick one on the side of the bowl and it cleans every time it flushes.
  • Easy Off Oven Cleaner is the best way to get stubborn messes and cooked on stains off of your oven and stove top. It does all of the hard scrubbing for you.

Steps to Speed Clean Your House

1. Start with an organized caddy of cleaners and tools.

The first thing you want to do is to collect the items and tools that you will use to clean with. This may include your normal cleaners, washcloths, dusters, or anything else and place them all into a carrying caddy that will hold them. You can get cleaning caddys very cheap so invest in one if you don’t already have one. This will make it quicker moving between rooms and make you more organized with what items you need.

2. Grab A Timer and Set a Cleaning Time Limit

Now, we will get into the cleaning part of speed cleaning and for this to actually be useful, you need to pick a time limit. The time will be different based on the size of what you a cleaning, whether it is one room, part of the house or the entire house. You can either set the timer per cleaning step or for the entire speed cleaning

Set up a kitchen timer or use a timer application on your phone for that set time limit. It is surprising how much faster a person will move and work when they have that time limit in the back of their head.

This is an important part of speed cleaning – having that sense of running out of time. So, pick a time that is quicker than you would normally clean but is still realistic for it physically getting done.

As an example: I would put on a timer for 10 minutes to clean my kitchen. This gives me enough time to empty the clean dishwasher, reload and run it, wipe down the counters and stovetop and put away anything cluttering the countertops. This is a quick way to make the whole room ready for another day and looks clean and tidy.

Once that time ends, you can either choose to finish up what you are working on, or stop the cleaning step you are on and move onto the next.

You can also try out a time, and if it seems like it wasn’t enough or it was too long – adjust it next week and see if that time limit works better for you.

3. Grab A Laundry Basket

One of the quickest ways that a room can look messy is when clothes are all over the floor, laying on chairs or dirty towels are hanging everywhere. Take only a few minutes, grab an empty laundry basket and walk through the house while picking up all of the dirty laundry.

Even grab the hand towels out of the bathrooms and kitchen so you can start with all new clean towels for the week. Take the laundry basket to the laundry area and either start a load now or let it wait until your planned wash time.

Having all of the laundry out of the way will make it easier to move around through the rooms for the rest of your cleaning. Try not to take more than 5 minutes on this step.

4. Do A Quick Dust of Furniture, Items and Electronics with a Duster

An effective part of speed cleaning is to find a few tools that combine several cleaners or tasks into one. Using a duster is a great way to combine a wood furniture cleaner with a rag to clean off items as well as a microfiber cloth to remove dust from electronics.

Set your timer for your decided upon time limit, grab your duster and quickly clean off the surfaces in the room/house. The duster will do most of the work for you here so you don’t have to spend a ton of energy on time and it will easily remove the dirt, dust and allergens that are dirtying up your home.

You can pick from a variety of different dusters for this task, so pick one that you like and works for your budget. I tend to gravitate towards Swiffer products as they have a large catalog, work fantastic and are often on sale in stores.

5. Clean Glass and mirrors

The next step in your speed cleaning process is to clean any glass, mirrors or windows that you want to clean. My favorite way to speed up cleaning glass is by removing the glass cleaner entirely.

I had received a two-cloth window cleaning pack from my favorite green cleaning company, Mighty Nest, and absolutely fell in love with it. This Window Cloth package from e-cloth cleans mirrors and glass with just water due to its specialized type of cloth and texture. Not only does it save you money because you no longer need to buy window cleaning solution, it is much faster too.

Regardless of what cleaners or cloths you use, choose your time goal for this part and clean all of the glass items in your room or house. Try to stay within that timer limit!

6. Straighten Up Tables and Counters

For this step, focus only on tabletops and counters. I will separate this section into kitchen counter tops and other tabletops in your home. Also, include making beds in this step as well. Choose your timer goal and get to work!

Kitchen counters

For your kitchen, quickly go over any items on the counter, such as dirty or clean dishes and put them either away where they belong or into the dishwasher. If you do not own a dishwasher, just put any dirty dishes in the sink for now to clean for later. Straighten up any boxes of snacks, food containers, etc. on the container to their homes in a pantry, cabinet or a dedicated spot on the counter.

Once, all of the items are back where they should be, wipe off the kitchen counter surface with a general counter cleaner solution or wipe to clean up any messes, spills or spots. You can even take a few extra minutes to clean up any messes on your stove top if needs it.

All other counters/tabletops

Next, we can clean up other tabletops or surfaces in the rest of your home. Quickly go room to room and pick up any items that are sitting out and do not belong there and return them to your home. If you have a lot of items in the wrong places or sitting around, one option is to grab a box or empty laundry basket and place all of those items into that to be put back to their rightful places later or at the end of this step.

Straighten up anything that is messed up, such as picture frames turned the wrong way, throw pillows laying around or a throw blanket that needs to be folded.

For the other surfaces in your home, what cleaner or cloth you may use to wipe them down will be determined by its material. Wood surfaces should already have been clean during the dusting part, but if you have any other surface types, wipe those down with an appropriate general cleaner or cloth.

8. Clean The floors

On to the last step of my speed cleaning! Once all of the tables, furniture, beds, and clothing items are away where they belong or organized to be washed later on, you are ready to clean the floors.

Set your timer for this goal then vacuum all of the carpets and sweep all of the hard floors with a broom and dustpan. If you choose, you can use a mop or swiffer wetjet to wet clean the floors or hardwood floors in the home as well. This step shouldn’t take you too long and then you are all done!

CUSTOMIZE it for you!

For me, those steps are a great easy speed cleaning that I can do every few days or once a week. I usually plan specific days to do deeper cleans, like a weekly bathroom cleaning or washing of bedding.

Feel free to add additional steps to your speed cleaning to match your house size or number of family members. Cleaning or tidying is totally customizable to fit your schedule and requirements, so experiment with what works best for you!

Do you have a lot of speed cleaning to do in your home but not enough time? It may seem impossible, but speed cleaning is possible with the right tricks and techniques. This article has provided 8 steps for speed cleanings that will help you get through all of your tasks quickly without sacrificing quality or effectiveness. You can customize these methods based on what works best for you!

I hope you found this helpful, please share this post with your friends!

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