20 Ways to Be Productive While Watching TV

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As a busy mom, I know that it can be hard to balance everything on your plate. You’re trying to keep up with work, taking care of the kids, and maybe even squeezing in a little time for yourself. But let’s be honest, sometimes it’s just too much. So what do you do when you need to take a break but don’t want to spend the whole day vegging out in front of the TV? Here are a few tips for staying productive while watching TV.

20 Ways to Be Productive While Watching TV

Do Some Housework

Let’s face it, there is always some sort of housework that needs to be done. Why not use the time that you’re already spending in front of the TV to knock out a few things on your to-do list? You can fold laundry, put away dishes, or even vacuum the living room while you’re catching up on your favorite show.

Get Ahead on Work

If you work from home or have some flexibility with your work schedule, use the time that you would normally spend watching TV to get ahead on work.

You can use commercial breaks to answer emails, return phone calls, or even start working on that project that’s been sitting on your desk for weeks. Staying productive while watching TV is all about using your time wisely.

Spend Time with the Family

Use the time that you would normally spend glued to the television to connect with your family instead. Play a game, help the kids with their homework, or just have a conversation.

Staying productive doesn’t always mean crossing things off of your to-do list. Sometimes it means taking the time to enjoy the people in your life.

Do Laundry

Get a jump start on laundry by sorting and starting a load or folding clean clothes while you watch your favorite show. 

Clean the room or house

While the TV is on, take some time to clean or organize the room you are in or even move to other rooms during commercial breaks or ads.

Work on a project step

If you’re working on a project that requires your full attention, use TV time as an opportunity to get ahead on smaller tasks related to that project. For example, if you’re painting a room, use commercial breaks to prep the walls or gather your supplies. 

Get Moving

Use half-hour shows as an opportunity to knock out some quick cardio by doing jumping jacks or running in place during the commercials. 

Use shows with longer run times as an opportunity to do some light stretching or yoga poses. 

Put away toys

If you are like my family and the playroom is also the family living room, take a few minutes while watch tv to put away or organize the toys.

I am a huge fan of using nice looking toy storage organizers as we have a lot of our toys in our living room. Here are some helpful toy organizers to check out for your home!

Paint nails or do some type of beauty treatment or self care

Productivity can also be relaxing if you are doing something paining your nail, doing your hair or some other type of beauty treatment.

Put together photo albums

This is one thing that tends to pile up unfinished in our house. Use a show time slot to put together those loose pictures into your family photo albums.

I like using large photo albums like these ones to put together about a year at a time of photos.

Catch up on emails

If you find your email inbox overflowing, multi-task while sitting on the couch by catching up on your personal or work email.

Sanitize toys or other items

Grab a sanitizing wipe or spray and clean off toys or heavily used items in the room like remotes or light switches.

Go through mail

If you haven’t gone through the mail yet, time some time to sort through the pile and organize what is trash and what needs addressed or paid.

Clean out purse

It can be very helpful to take a few minutes to clean out a purse and organize it while watching tv. Throw away garbage left in there and refill any items you often keep, like medicine, pens or tissues.

Meal plan and make a grocery list

Meal planning for this week or next is a great thing to do while watching tv. It is very productive and doesn’t necessarily require all of your attention. Afterwards, turn that meal plan into a grocery list.

Prep meals

If you happen to have a tv or streaming device in your kitchen, get a jump start on prepping food for the next day or rest of the week. Cut vegetables, pack lunches or even get a casserole set up to save you time later on.

Plan out tomorrows to-do list

Take a few minutes to plan out tomorrow to save some time and stress from figuring out those items first thing in the morning by creating a to-do list. Check our all of the different types of to-do lists and task trackers on Amazon.

Wrap presents

If you have holidays or birthdays coming up, get all of those gifts together and wrap all of them to get that chore out of the way.

Shop online

Need to get started on holiday shopping or use curb-side or delivery for your household items or groceries? Take time while watching TV to get that shopping done!

Do a craft or art item

have some fun while watching tv by doing some time of craft or art related project. This can be productive and also relaxing at the same time! Continue working on a in-progress craft or learn something completely new.

Go get productive while watching TV!

Next time you find yourself caught up in a marathon of your favorite show, use these tips to stay productive and get things done. Whether you’re checking items off of your to-do list or spending quality time with your family, there are plenty of ways to be productive while watching TV.

So go ahead and press play…just don’t forget to get something done too!

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