The 9 Best Phone Productivity Apps

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In today’s hectic world, it’s important to have helpful tools at our fingertips that can make us more productive. And luckily, in today’s technology-driven society, there are a plethora of great productivity apps that are available for free on our phones!

In this article, you will learn about 9 different productivity apps that are all free and can be used to help you become more organized and efficient in your everyday life. So download a few or all of them and see how they can help you take control of your time and get more done!

Here are the 9 Best Free Phone Productivity Apps you can use to get more done everyday!

Phones Are The Best Productivity Tools

As we seem to always have our phones within arms reach, they are the best tools we have to keep us up to date, entertained and even productive. Here are the 9 Best Phone Productivity Aps that are all free and are available on our phones. Each one has its own specialty on how it can make you productive.

Try out a few or all of them and see how they can help you become more productive every day!

Best Phone Productivity Apps


This app is the best for managing your to-do list each day. It is a simple app to record and group chores, tasks and projects. You can also assign due dates and receive reminders as needed. It is very easy to use and best of all, it’s free! Available on Android and iOS

IFTTTT (If This Then That)

This app is best for automating tasks for you. It connects different apps together for automations such as setting reminders or adding events to your calendar and setting notifications when things occur. It is a great way automate repetitive tasks in your life. Available on Android and iOS


This one is the best app for taking and organizing notes. Evernote puts all of your thoughts in one place, organize your notes and use tags to keep them in order.. This is great if you like sticky notes for your todo lists and tasks. Another great tool is that you can take and upload photos of your written notes to use along with your digital ones. To make it even better, it is available on phone, tablet and computer so you can use it wherever you need it.


Toggl is the best app for time tracking. It is an easy time tracking tool to get a better look at how much time you spend on different tasks or fun activities. This can help you find which areas you might want to find ways to save time, such as reducing time on social media or finding quicker ways to clean your home.


Engoss is one of the best Pomodoro Technique apps. The Pomodoro Technique helps improve your productivity by breaking down your work time into smaller intervals such as 25 or 30 minutes, with a small break in between each. This tracks that time to help keep you focused on that one task for the time interval.


This is another great to-do list app to maintain daily tasks, chores and reminders. This can also be used with others such as family members and you can even assign tasks to different people. This supports multi-device syncing so your phone, tablet and computer are all in sync. Available on Android and iOS


Freedom is the best app to remove distractions because it allows you to block distracting and time wasting websites and apps for a set time period. This helps to keep you off of things such as social media and get your work done. Available on Android and iOS


This app is the best habit tracking app. It uses a game like interface to help you keep track of your daily goals and habits by creating a custom character and then you complete your tasks and “level up” your person.

Completing tasks allows you to unlock features and items for your character. This game system can help motivate you to work on your habits.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the best calendar integration. It is a very popular app that allows you to integrate many programs together into one easy to use calendar system.

You can also set tasks, appointments and reminders and the calendar syncs between phone and desktop.

Check out these Free Phone Productivity Apps!

Now that you have seen the best apps for several different ways of improving productivity, give them a try and see how much time and stress they save you as they help you complete your tasks and organize your life.

The phone is the best productivity tool we have on us at all times. And luckily, there are a plethora of great phone apps that can help you take control of your time and get more done! We’ve provided nine different phone app options with their own specialty to make you productive in various ways. Whether it’s managing tasks or automating some for you, these free phone productivity apps should be able to provide an extra boost in getting things accomplished.

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