How To Make A To-Do List That You Can Actually Complete

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Are you struggling with how to make a to-do list that you can actually complete? Well, here are some tips for how to do just that!

How To Make A To-Do List You Can Actually Complete

Why You Need A To-Do List!

It always seems like there are 1,000 things to do everyday, so how do you actually get anything accomplished? That is where a basic To-Do List comes in.

This is such an easy solution to saving yourself time and hassle but sometimes it can seem so overwhelming that people choose to not make them. But they don’t have to be overwhelming!

Without a To-Do list, I would never get anything done. From simple tasks like taking mail to the post office or picking up more shampoo to larger tasks such as organizing my closet – it all gets done because of one thing, the To-Do List.

Here I will show you my simple 3 Step Process for creating a To-Do list that is easy and not overwhelming at all.

Put this into place in your life today for you and your family and you will start seeing more results and less stress on trying to get everything done each and every day.

Electronic or Paper To-Do Lists??

Before we start, I have one very simple but important question for you: Do you want to use electronic or paper To-Do Lists??

Everyone has their own opinion on what types and formats of To-Do lists works best for them and you need to figure that out as well. Sticky notes are great for short term to-do lists and reminders or dry erase whiteboard magnets are great for those who have a big dry erase board in your home. Even using plain printer paper or notebook works perfectly fine if that’s what you like!

There are also a lot of electronic phone apps and internet sites, both paid and free, that are fantastic for To-Do lists on your computer or one the go with your phone.

You can always experiment with different list formats to see what works best for your life, but at least for now, pick between electronic or paper. Let’s look at some great options of both:

Best Paper To-Do Lists:

I personally like to use paper to do lists more than electronic because I also use a paper Planner as well so they work well together.

If you aren’t looking for a full planner, and for now just want paper To-Do Lists.

Best Electronic To-Do Lists:

Here are some of the more popular electronic To-Do List applications and sites for you to check out:

  • Sticky Notes on Windows – your computer may have a Sticky Notes app that works exactly like paper sticky notes but for your desktop. Helpful for simple electronic to-do lists.
  • ClickUp – the To-Do list and project managing site and app that I personally use. This can be used simply for lists of tasks or more completed team or individual projects.
  • Trello – a popular site and app that can be used by one person or households to make lists, track tasks and projects in a simple design.
  • Todoist – another site and app that is great for To-Do lists and for separating them by priorities, people and projects.
  • Microsoft To-Do – a free To-Do list that works with your other Microsoft apps
  • Google Tasks – this is the task and To-Do list app for those who user other Google apps like Google Calendar and Gmail.

Once you have your to-do list paper or app ready, let’s get to work!

How To Write A To-Do List That Isn’t Overwhelming:

Step 1: Do a brain dump on to-do list items on a piece of paper.

When I have a lot of tasks to worry about completing, the first thing I do is a brain dump. Take a piece of paper and list every task that needs to eventually be on your To-Do list. It could be 5 items, 15 or even more – doesn’t matter, just get them out of your head and write them all down.

Don’t overthink this part. If it helps, set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes at the most to complete this step.

Step 2: Prioritize your to-do list items.

Once you have all of your items listed on your paper, grab your To-Do list paper or app. Choose the top 1-3 most important tasks that either needs done today or done before any other items. Write down those tasks at the top of your To-Do List.

For the rest of your items prioritize them in order of importance and due dates. List them accordingly on your To-Do list. An option is to actually create separate short term and long term To-Do lists. If you get overwhelmed by seeing too many items listed on one list, this could be helpful for you.

Step 3: Work off your tasks according to your to-do list.

Lastly, complete your items in the order you wrote them down on your list. Completing them this way has always been helpful for me because it ensures that the most important items are always done first.

Also, I used to find myself picking and choosing items based on what I felt like doing – which ultimately meant that items were left until it was too late or until another day. And when that happened, I would immediately feel more stressed that I had to write the same item down on multiple days’ to-do lists.

Going down the list takes the choice out of what is next and always makes sure that your most important tasks are done first. That way, if you run out of time to complete them all, the less important or longer term tasks can easily be moved to another day and it not be much of a problem.

Now you know how to make a to-do list, go get stuff done!

Use this easy 3 Step System to get your To-Do Lists set up and get those tasks done!
Creating to-do lists will keep you more organized, less stressed and help you get more tasks done every day.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to work! Start with a simple To-Do list. Prioritize the items on your list by importance and deadlines. Work down the list in order of priority/due dates to get your tasks done! I hope that this article helps you get more organized and productive!

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