How To Make A Home Command Center To Organize Your Family

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If you are looking for an easy way to get your home organized, then this post is perfect for you. The following blog post will provide tips on how to create a home command center that will help you and your family stay organized. By having a designated area for all of your important papers, documents and other household items, it will be easier for you to keep track of everything.  

Home Command Center

What Is A Home Command Center?

A home command center is simply a specific place located in your home that includes all of your family’s important information to to keep you organized.

It is meant to be a dedicated place for all members of the family to know exactly where to place and find important items for the home. 

Some examples of what can be found in a home command center includes a calendar or planner to keep track of appointments, an inbox for mail that needs looked at, bins for school items or papers, coupons and store weekly ads, and a variety of desk items such as pens and sticky notes.

It is often a work desk, specified kitchen counter, a table or some other type of permanent work space. As every house and home is different, your home command center can be wherever it makes the most sense for you.

You could also choose a specific place on a wall or in a nook and hang all of your items if you don’t have an extra tabletop area. Your command center can be customized and organized according to your home’s space options.

In my home, our command center is actually my work desk and surrounding area. Here, I have my computer, filing cabinet with important records and papers, along with a very large dry erase board. The board has a monthly calendar, and areas for projects, upcoming events, bills dates and other notes.

What Items To Have In Your Home Command Center

Here, I am going to list some ideas of what items you may want to have in your command center. As every family and household is different, you may not need all of these. Just customize your command center to fit you and your lifestyle.

Hanging Items

Desk And Other Items

  • Planners
  • Pens/pencils – My favorite pens are Frixion Erasable Pens. They write like nice gel pens but are completely erasable which is perfect for using them in planners and on calendars.
  • Sticky Notes and To Do Notes
  • Folders for papers
  • Labels to label bins or folders for each subject or with family member names
  • Paper clips, hanging clips, etc.
  • Chargers or charging station for phones or other electronics
  • Emergency contact list
  • Meal plan for the week
  • Grocery or other shopping lists

Keep It Organized

One very important thing to remember with your home command center is to keep it organized. If it becomes covered in piles of papers and clutter, then you will not be able to use it and it won’t help you stay organized.

I like to use magnets and hooks on my dry erase board to hang up important papers that I need often. This way, they are easy to see and grab when I need them, but will not get lost in a pile of other papers or clutter.

The same goes for your desk area. Keep it organized with your planner, pens, paper clips and sticky notes. Label bins or baskets for each family member if you have a household as that will make it easier to sort papers from school, sports and other activities.

Set up a filing cabinet for all of your important documents and keep it organized.

In your home command center, keep all of your calendars up to date with important dates and appointments. Put a monthly calendar on the wall and even take it one step further by keeping track of birthdays, anniversaries and other important days

Make it a point each day to go through anything there, bills, coupons, receipts, etc., and organize it as necessary. This will prevent it from being overwhelming with too many items or too cluttered.

Make It Your Own

Your command center can be and look however way you like. The important part of this is to keep it in one place, keep it organized and refer to it every day.

Customize this area to fit your needs and lifestyle. You can add anything from a bulletin board or dry erase calendar to folders for each family member, boxes for coupons or kids’ art work, labels for bins or baskets.

You can choose a specific theme for your command center, perhaps with the colors in your home décor. The choices are endless!

This will help you and the rest of your family members with becoming more organized and consistently staying that way.

Feel free to experiment! There is no limit to how many ways you can try to organize your home command center to make it fit with your life.

Create your home command center today!

Creating a home command center is a great way to organize your family and keep track of everything. By customizing the area to fit your needs, you can make it work best for you and your lifestyle. The most important part is to refer to it every day and keep it organized.

With these tips, you can create a system that works for you and helps reduce stress in your everyday life.

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