7 Top Time Management Tips

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These 7 Top Time Management Tips are easy to implement to start improving your daily productivity right now!

7 Top Time Management Tips

#1 – Use A Daily Planner

The first and easiest thing you should do to better manage your time is to start using a planner. Whether it is printed or digital and a daily planner or weekly one, it’ll make all the difference!

Each planner can have different sections but generally they should be able to keep track of your events, deadlines, appointments, meal plan, and to-do tasks. Just by keeping a planner you will quickly find how much easier it is to get your tasks done every week!

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#2 – Set Goals

Having both short term and long term goals is really important when it comes to Time Management. You can create daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and even annual goals. Then you can break up each goal into smaller pieces to work on towards that goal.

Check out these goal planners on Amazon to help track your goals and progress.

This will help you better prioritize your tasks to make sure the important items are completed first, which brings up to Time Management Tip #3.

#3 – Prioritize Tasks

Prioritizing your tasks really helps to make sure the important ones are done everyday and done first. That way, only less important tasks are left until the next day or week and can be worked on when you have a little more time.

Keep track of your important high priority tasks using the Daily Planner and then list the rest of your to-do list items below it.

#4 – Have A Time Limit For Tasks

I don’t know about you, but if I give myself all day to complete one or two specific tasks, it seems like it takes all day to complete them. Yet, if I give myself 15 minutes to run around the house to clean or straighten up, I find myself completing the same amount of work just a lot faster.

This made me realize that having a time limit for your tasks is a super helpful Time Management Tip. Set a time frame or even set up a timer for how long you want to spend for each tasks. Having that timer ticking away can be a great motivational tool to get more done in less time!

If you want to see how I use a timer to Speed Clean To Save Time, check out my post HERE!

#5 – Take Advantage of Technology

Our high tech items are huge productivity boosts these days. From thousands of cell phone applications to Smart Home Assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, we have a lot of ways to help us remember important tasks, make lists, set reminders and more.

If you are looking for some great ideas for to-do list phone apps, check out my post HERE!

I love using Amazon’s Alexa to help organize me. It is hands free so I can add items to a grocery list while cooking, set myself reminders when I’m not near my planner and it syncs to all of my home devices and phone.

#6 – Create A Home Command Center

Another really helpful way to get yourself and your family organized is to create and maintain a Home Command Center in your house. If you find yourself throwing mail and bills on a table somewhere, can’t seem to remember doctor or school appointments, and need a way to keep yourself on track better – then start a home command center.

Basically, a home command center is a specified location in your home where you keep and organize your family’s calendars, meal plans, appointments, bills, etc. This way you always know where to go to put down shopping list, important dates, keep track of your finances and anything else you will need.

It is easy to refer back to and every person in your family will know where to find the information they need. You can find helpful desk organizers to keep everything in its place.

You can learn more about How To Create A Home Command Center HERE IN MY POST!

#7 – Plan Time For Yourself To Relax

The last Time Management Tip I have for you is to plan time for yourself to relax. If you block out every minute of your day to get your to-do list tasks done, you will ultimately spend every minute of your day on your feet, running around, and getting stuff done. Although you’ll be super productive, this can quickly lead to burn out and make you stressed out.

Set aside time to spend time with your friends, family and practice any self care and hobbies you enjoy. If you put that time block into your planner and schedule, you will make sure to get to those fun items and even look forward to that time as a reward for working so hard!

Try Out These 7 Top Time Management Tips!

Whether you try one or all of these Tip Time Management Tips, I know they will help you get more done every day, reduce stress and help you live a happier and more productive life!

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